Optimised remote working setup
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5 Ridiculously Useful Tools That Every Remote Worker Needs In 2021

Modern technology has spearheaded the evolution of traditional office jobs.  Before coronavirus, the possibility of remote working was already expanding the horizons of the workplace; now, as we lie in the wake of the virus’s impact, the switch has been rushed forward. Suddenly, the office is out of bounds and dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms …

Man sat with head in his hands dealing with anxiety.
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An Immediate Guide To Dealing With Anxiety As It Happens

Anxiety can be mentally and physically exhausting. It can hit anywhere, any time, and leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to do anything.  But as hopeless as it might feel in that moment, it’s important to understand there are steps you can take to reduce your anxiety. We’ve put together a guide to dealing with …

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Being Productive During A Pandemic: 6 WFH Tips & Tricks

For anyone who just emerged from cryogenic sleep, here’s where things stand: we’re feverishly scrambling to deal with a pervasive plague-lite that may not have the lethality of its pandemic predecessors but definitely has enough bite to cost many lives and damage many others. Yes, the COVID-19 outbreak has turned our lives upside-down, and a …

Aqua blue and natural colours are predicted to be a big home decor trend in 2021
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The Top Home Decor Trends We’re Predicting For 2021

Revamping your interiors for the new year? Switching out the old for something a little more on-trend? Excellent idea. We think you should be jumping on next year’s trends sooner rather than later. And instead of following the crowd, why not get ahead of the curve and make changes in the new year like a …

a man on a phone call drinking a healthy herbal tea while working from home
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How To Maintain A Healthy Routine When You’re Working From Home

While working from home it’s easy to let work pile up on top of you, and allow your day-to-day life to be dictated by endless tasks.  But overloading on work isn’t the key to successfully balancing your professional and personal life (surprise, surprise). Instead, you need to establish a harmonious routine that promotes healthy living …

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Relax & Restore: How to Create a Restful Sleep Environment

It’s never been more important to find ways to switch off, relax and restore. Whether you’re looking to find ways to unwind after a long day working from home or just want to take your mind off the constant news cycle, creating a restful sleep environment can work wonders for your wellbeing. Discover our simple …

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How SMS Can Help Remote Teams Stay in Touch

One of the most pervasive global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has forced businesses into a mode of operation with which many of them were unfamiliar: remote work. Suddenly, employees were sent home through various measures of quarantine, and businesses had to adapt in order to stay afloat. Many companies found themselves …

Person in mask struggling with COVID anxiety
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7 Helpful Resources for Anyone Still Dealing With COVID Anxiety

Feeling a little anxious? Yeah, me too.  COVID has got us all feeling a little bit stressed. For some, the virus and ensuing lockdowns have been harder to deal with, leading to record numbers of people reporting feelings of anxiousness.  Trying to manage feelings of anxiety alone can feel impossible, but it doesn’t need to …

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How To Teach Your Kids About Difficult Topics

Even the most confident parents dread having to talk to their kids about difficult topics.  No matter the strength of your relationship or the maturity of your child, approaching upsetting and serious topics can be particularly challenging — especially when all they’ve known to this point is joy and play.   However, some topics are too …