Sex & Relationships

5 Fun Ideas For Your Next Couples’ Night In

Sometimes, the thought of another couples’ night in can be disheartening.  We all relish a few hours of peace and downtime, but all too often we end up wasting this time and just scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. Next thing you know, it’s been six months and all your social life has consisted of is very …

Work & Money

5 WFH Lessons We’ve Learnt That We’re Going To Take Back To The Office

Remote working — it’s been an… experience, hasn’t it?  Whether you love rolling out of bed at 8:30 for a day working in your pjs or you can’t get anything done without the background noises of your colleagues chatting and typing away — it’s hard to admit we haven’t all learned something working from home.  …


Buying A House During Or After A Global Pandemic: What’s The Deal?

During or just after a global pandemic doesn’t quite seem like the right time to go swanning around viewing houses and putting cash on the table for potentially the biggest single purchase of your entire life.  In the UK, the pandemic has led to severe lockdown measures being implemented and the largest recession of any …

Sex & Relationships

Everyday Moments That Can Make Or Break A Relationship

While every couple has those big arguments that can change the course of a relationship, sometimes it’s the little things that can really matter. We all fixate on the biggies: financial problems, the stress of having or trying for a baby, in-laws, differing opinions on the big life stuff… But sometimes it can be something …

Bespectacled woman with black hear sits on the floor as she learns some valuable skills from home
Work & Money

6 Valuable Skills You Can Teach Yourself At Home

Life is a constant lesson. Learning new, valuable skills at home benefits you personally and professionally by making you a more rounded person. We’ve highlighted six great skills you can teach yourself:  How to edit photographs How to speak another language How to be a better writer  How to do meditation How to do coding   …


3 Feminist Icons You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (But Should)

Michelle Obama. Simone de Beauvoir. Emily Davison. Malala Yousafzai. Angela Davis. There’s no shortage of inspirational feminist icons out there, strong and powerful women who serve as role models for future generations. But for every famous icon, there are twenty less well-known women out there. This article looks at just three of those women. Some …

Home Decor & Design

How to Make Your Rented Space A Home

If you’re anything like this typical 20-something you’ve had your fair share of rented rooms.  Moving from one house share to another can feel a bit like you’re trapped in a cycle. One where you wake up surrounded by old, mismatched furniture, bare walls you’re forbidden from hanging anything on and the feeling this isn’t …

A professional setting up their desk at home
Work & Money

How To Nail Your WFH Setup If You’re In It For The Long Haul

While some of us are heading back to our place of work as the world begins to reopen, there are others who are going to be home a little longer.  Whether you’re classified as vulnerable, your boss has decided the entire team will work at home for the foreseeable future, or you’ve decided yourself that …

Long distance couple making effort to see each other
Sex & Relationships

Long-Distance Love: How Do You Know Your Partner Is Worth It?

Long-distance love isn’t easy; we all know that. But it’s worth it in the end when you are finally reunited for good — you’ve survived the long, lonely months without each other, and the reward is that you get to live happily ever after with the partner of your dreams. Right? If you’re going to …