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How To Crush Your New Job In 2021 (Even If You’re Working From Home)

Starting a new job is an exciting and stressful time, even normally. Add 2021 to that, and you’re also likely to be working remotely — which creates all sorts of new considerations and challenges to think about. From virtual training sessions, to self-learning, to only meeting your colleagues on Zoom and not being able to …

A plate of healthy food including eggs, cherries, avocado, and tuna, to naturally boost your immune system.
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11 Amazing Foods To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Eating well is an important part of staying fit and healthy. You need to eat a balanced diet so that your body is getting everything it needs.  It probably won’t come as a surprise that there are certain foods with high levels of vitamins and minerals that can make a real difference to how your …

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A Short List Of Home Office Improvements To Maximise Productivity

Home offices were once very much in the minority, used only by freelancers, solopreneurs and a select number of people working for office-based companies. Now, they’re the norm and could end up becoming a permanent feature of businesses everywhere. Productivity was long a rationale against working from home — the logic being that if you’re …

Woman with plant leaves across her face.
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Green Therapy: Why Gardening Is So Good For Your Wellbeing

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by millions of people, but it’s more than just a way to pass the time — it can have significant benefits for your physical and mental health.  But how does this work? What exactly are these wellbeing benefits — and why does gardening have such a positive effect on people’s …

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From Side Hustle To Serious: Taking the Next Steps With Your Biz

Whether it’s starting an ecommerce store and selling online, tutoring and sharing your expertise, blogging or vlogging, there are plenty of ways to make a bit of extra money with the skills and experience you already have.  But as your side hustle starts to grow, you might be considering pursuing it as a full-time opportunity.  …

Laptop on a desk with fruit and vegetables next to it for a healthy snack while working from home.
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A Practical Guide To Staying Healthy While WFH

For nearly a year now, many of us have cut out the daily commute to the office.  Getting to work now requires a short shuffle from bed to the kitchen table or the spare room in the mornings. And while working from home offers more flexibility and freedom, it also means we don’t actually need …

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4 Simple & Sustainable Ways To Make Your Home Decor Eco-Friendly

Are you trying to be a more ethical consumer? Your home decor is a fantastic way to put your eco-conscience to the test.  In this article, we’ll unpack some simple and sustainable ways you can approach your home decor next time you decide to switch things up. Read on as we take a deep dive …

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Embracing & Loving Your Postpartum Body: Advice For New Mums

We all talk about the joy and beauty of motherhood. Of course, we also speak about the more difficult moments, when we’re feeling exhausted and stressed because we haven’t slept properly in weeks or the baby isn’t feeding properly. And if you’ve had to go through all this during a global pandemic, it’s even harder. …

A woman pushes her thumb and forefinger into her eyebrows as she struggles to find the motivation to work
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How To Stay Motivated When You’re Stuck At Home Alone

Finding the motivation to work can be tough when you’re at home on your own. There’s no one with you to drive you forwards and help you find solutions to problems you encounter.  But it’s not a lost cause. Just as motivation can be lost it can also be regained — and there are a …

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How To Streamline Your Business Operations At Your Kitchen Table

If you’re a wealthy individual with storage closets the size of bungalows and a fleet of priceless antique clocks distributed evenly throughout your mansion, this post isn’t for you. Why are you here? Just to see how regular folk live? Your voyeurism isn’t appreciated, and you are cordially invited to go elsewhere and read a …