Aqua blue and natural colours are predicted to be a big home decor trend in 2021
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The Top Home Decor Trends We’re Predicting For 2021

Revamping your interiors for the new year? Switching out the old for something a little more on-trend?

Excellent idea. We think you should be jumping on next year’s trends sooner rather than later. And instead of following the crowd, why not get ahead of the curve and make changes in the new year like a real trendsetter? 

Deep down we all fancy ourselves to be a DIY connoisseur — or interior design starlet whose mastery of shapes and colour has yet to be fully appreciated. So why not take the extra time at home we’ve been given, and embrace our home decor dreams? 

To inspire you to turn those decor dreams into reality, read on as we look to predict some of the top home decor trends of 2021. 


Cottagecore is the number 1 decor trend for 2021

Image: Unsplash

While the term cottagecore seems rather oxymoronic, it simply refers to the idea of bringing the outdoors in — with an emphasis on nature, rural life, and a comforting, wholesome feel. And if that doesn’t sound Insta-worthy to you, then I don’t know what does. 

This natural, homely aesthetic blend centres around a romanticised impression of country life, and can refer to a way of life as well as home decor. But what does this include? Here’s a list of what to expect from cottagecore home design: 

  • Floral print and stripey patterns
  • Embroidery featuring plantlife and animals
  • Handcrafted accessories and knitwear
  • Wickerwork and willow
  • Natural colours like beige, olive green, and baby blue
  • Vintage, quirky pieces
  • A cosy cottage feel

Talk about a throwback! Yet blended with contemporary trends in recent years, we reckon this could be onto a winner. 

Sustainable design

Sustainable design like long-lasting statement pieces will be in this year

Image: Pexels

Sustainability is a key theme going into 2021 — and we won’t be surprised to see it creep into our home decor to help soothe our collective eco-conscience.

There are so many different directions you can go with eco-friendly home design, from the use of sustainable materials to green design and investment pieces — but we think the simple tweaks are what works best (and they don’t break the bank). 

If you need inspiration, you can start small. We all love the feeling of a brand new bed sheet. But did you know our covers can be sustainable too? Keep an eye out for bed sheets made of linen. It’s soft, hypoallergenic, and the whole lot more sustainable than standard material. 

Equally, we’re sure to see lots more bioplastics and recycled materials entering our home as designers become more experimental in the name of sustainability — or you could upcycle old furniture and do it yourself (it’s a great way to decorate on a budget). 

Plants, plants, and more plants

Image: Pixabay

Houseplants are one of the best and brightest ways to liven up a dull room. Plus, it’s true what they say — plants really do make people happy. Not only do they look incredible but bringing nature indoors can boost your mood, reduce stress, and purify the air around you. Not too shabby for a little greenery. 

Best of all, our potted friends won’t cost you a lot, unlike some other home decor trends — just one of the reasons we’re predicting that houseplants are an interior trend that will flourish in 2021. After all, we’ve already seen this year that houseplants have never been more on-trend — just head over to Pinterest to fall in love with these vibrant, gorgeous, air-purifying beauties. 

Now only one question remains: what plants should you choose? 

The good news is, there’s something out there for everyone’s interior style, from retros 70s spider plants, to quirky cacti, to eye-catching tropical calatheas. According to a study conducted by Flowercard, these are some of the most popular choices of plant for you to choose from: 

  • Fishbone cactus 
  • Bunny ear cactus 
  • Blue star fern 
  • Mistletoe cactus
  • Velvet Calathea 

Personally, we love a cactus here at Just Another Magazine — not least because they’re so resilient and easy to look after. As inspiring interior designers, you have to think about the logistics — and filling your house with simple plants such as cacti or ferns makes life a whole lot more relaxing. 

Multifunctional, comfortable spaces

Multifunctional, comfortable spaces will be a big home decor in 2021

Image: Pexels

This year has made us think about how we use our rooms, and how economical we are with space. And with the coronavirus pandemic showing few signs of letting up, our work from home routine is set to crossover into the new year. 

Over the past few months, we’ve tussled to fit our desks into cramped bedrooms and fought to get work done while the cat prances on your Bluetooth keyboard. Let’s face it, working from home has been a logistical nightmare. So why shouldn’t we at least get a little comfy? 

We think a period of home renovation is the perfect time to get the feng shui right, by restoring a sense of balance between work and play. We bet 2021 will be the year of creative storage and nifty design solutions.

Deep, bold colours

Aqua blues are going a big colour trend in home decor in 2021

Image: Pexels

Do your walls need a new lick of paint? Don’t spin the colour wheel and hope for the best. Plan ahead for 2021 and opt for deep, bold colours: inky blues, greys, and navy. Not only do we love the colour scheme, but interior designers also predict these colours will be in vogue next year. 

Benjamin Moore revealed its colour of the year for 2021 is a fresh Aegean Teal — a warming and soothing blue-green with grey undertones. Adopting this balancing colour palette evokes a calming allure within comfy contemporary spaces. 

But you don’t have to stop there — why not explore deeper, bolder shades more? People are calling ocean blue the new black because it’s a classic colour, known for its versatility across any home space. Pairing this deep colour with a light grey detailing serves to accentuate your room’s very best features. In particular, we’re seeing a lot of dark, inky blue kitchen interiors, and we think this trend will continue into the new year. 

Not convinced? Committing to a brand new colour is a brave move, so before you cover the walls in paint, we recommend you experiment with the odd picture or pillow throw first. Nevertheless, we’re certain you’ll fall in love with the look, just like us. 

After spending more time at home than ever before, we’re predicting a big year for creative home decor. From sustainable design and multifunctional spaces to greenery and deep blues of the ocean, these are just a few of the beautiful interior design trends we’re excited for next year. 

What are you waiting for? Jump on these trends before anyone else and bring fresh style to your home in 2021.

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