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How To Decorate Your New Home When You’re On A Budget

These days, purchasing a new house doesn’t leave you with a lot of change. So, when it comes to decorating you might find yourself sticking to a tight budget. 

For many, this means doing things on the cheap. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing — some home improvements can be incredibly rewarding, even if you aren’t flush with cash. 

Decorating your home is about making a space your own and curating an identity to your liking, irrespective of cash flow. Of course, kitchen installations and conservatory extensions are likely to be off-limits and beyond your remit as an interior designer, but there are smaller alternatives that can have a similar effect without incurring a hefty contractor’s bill. 

Read on to discover how you can decorate your new home on a budget.

Don’t snub the shrubbery

Image credit: Pexels

Adding some greenery will breath new life into rooms without placing much stress on your budget. 

Not only are they a pretty feature, but they also improve your living environment — many plants such as the Japanese Peace Lily are known to purify the air and even combat stress symptoms. They can absorb chemicals such as carbon monoxide and are also much cheaper than any technical alternative. 

Another big plus is you don’t need to be an accomplished gardener or have any kind of green thumb. There are loads of plants that are happy to live indoors and require little to no maintenance, like the indestructible snake plant or various cacti. Just remember to water them as suggested and you’ll have beautiful blooms all year round. 

Our top tip: Some plants serve an additional purpose and work as ingredients in many beloved recipes. If you’re decorating the kitchen, consider herbs like basil or mint — that way you can pretty up the place and stick a leaf or two in your bolognese or salad. 

Frame your favourite memories

Image credit: Pexels

Fancy art installations and fashionable canvases seem to be the pinnacle of home decor, but the problem is they will set you back a small fortune in fees. While some people are lucky enough to have the spare cash hanging around, the rest of us can make do in other crafty ways. 

Decorating your new home is about infusing the walls with your personality and character. There is no better way to do that than hanging your treasured memories all over the place. 

Think about it; your phone’s camera roll is chock full of wonderful, personal moments. And because smartphones are boasting better and better cameras as the years go by, the picture quality isn’t too shabby either.

If your snaps are good enough for the ‘gram, they belong on your wall too. So why not consider getting these printed off in bulk and getting them framed? You can find affordable photo printing services at high street shops like Boots. Alternatively, you can head online and get them sent straight to your door without even stepping outside. 

Clusters of photos are a great way to disguise the bareness of your walls without breaking the bank, plus they’ll be unique to you. Who needs an expensive print, anyway?

Our top tip: Experiment with picture sizes and switch up the frames to add some unique colours and textures. A little variety can make your pics really stand out. 

Upcycle furniture and reuse scrap 

Image credit: Pexels

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Upcycling is the process of turning worn-out junk and modifying it into something new. For the DIY lovers out there, this is an exciting way to build incredible furniture without suffering the expensive commercialism of Ikea. 

This modern craze also holds a bunch of environmental benefits to ease our eco-conscience. Repurposing items means you aren’t throwing them away and contributing to landfills — and, if you need any extra supplies, you can even save them from the tip too. Double whammy of planet-saving points.

Rubbish dumps across the UK will allow you to purchase items that have been thrown away. You can often find piles of discarded timber which can be used for shelving, wardrobes or anything in between. We’ve even heard of people using old drum symbols as light fittings!

Is all this worth the effort? Absolutely. This will cost a fraction of the price shops will charge, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Not to mention you’ll be turning heads with your quirky and green home decor concepts.

Our top tip: Always ask the rubbish centre whether you can take certain items. Think of it as common courtesy — some may let you have it for free and others could charge a minimal fee. But not to worry, it shouldn’t set you back any more than the change in your wallet. 

Home decoration doesn’t need to be grand and expensive, especially when you’ve just bought the place (coming to terms with mortgage repayments is stressful enough). Often cheap alterations and manageable DIY projects can be even more rewarding. 

Whether you’re printing pictures from your camera roll, arranging plants, or nailing together a new shelving unit out of reclaimed wood — the beauty is all in the presentation and the story, not in the cost.

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