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Embracing & Loving Your Postpartum Body: Advice For New Mums

We all talk about the joy and beauty of motherhood. Of course, we also speak about the more difficult moments, when we’re feeling exhausted and stressed because we haven’t slept properly in weeks or the baby isn’t feeding properly. And if you’ve had to go through all this during a global pandemic, it’s even harder. …

A woman pushes her thumb and forefinger into her eyebrows as she struggles to find the motivation to work
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How To Stay Motivated When You’re Stuck At Home Alone

Finding the motivation to work can be tough when you’re at home on your own. There’s no one with you to drive you forwards and help you find solutions to problems you encounter.  But it’s not a lost cause. Just as motivation can be lost it can also be regained — and there are a …

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How To Streamline Your Business Operations At Your Kitchen Table

If you’re a wealthy individual with storage closets the size of bungalows and a fleet of priceless antique clocks distributed evenly throughout your mansion, this post isn’t for you. Why are you here? Just to see how regular folk live? Your voyeurism isn’t appreciated, and you are cordially invited to go elsewhere and read a …

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5 Practical Ways To Manage Anxiety & Stress At Home

What’s there to worry about these days? Well, I suppose there’s the pandemic that’s still doing its level best to take lives, destroy businesses, and send economies tumbling into recession. That’s admittedly a fairly compelling reason to be concerned. By now, our daily lives have changed so immensely that it’s getting hard to remember what …

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How To Balance WFH With Home-Schooling Small Children (Again)

For many people, working from home is rather difficult.  They might not have space for decent home offices, needing to work from their kitchen tables or try to tap away at their laptops while lounging on their couches (it’s a nice mental image, but it’s deeply uncomfortable in reality). Maybe they miss the strong lighting …

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House-Buying As A Millennial: Things We Wish Other People Had Told Us

So, you’re sick of sky-high rents, lazy housemates making your shared house a tip and watching your friends move into their dream homes one by one. You’re starting to think “maybe it’s time to finally get on the property ladder.” Yeah, we know — easier said than done.  If you’re one of the lucky ones …

Woman harnessing sleep to ease her mental health concerns
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How To Harness The Power Of Sleep For Your Mental Health

When you think about it, sleep has an almost comical level of domination over our lives.  Yeah, humans are creatures of habit and routine — but so many of us are diverse, adventurous and curious people. Despite all of that, at the end of each day, there’s nothing we want more than to climb into …

Optimised remote working setup
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5 Ridiculously Useful Tools That Every Remote Worker Needs In 2021

Modern technology has spearheaded the evolution of traditional office jobs.  Before coronavirus, the possibility of remote working was already expanding the horizons of the workplace; now, as we lie in the wake of the virus’s impact, the switch has been rushed forward. Suddenly, the office is out of bounds and dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms …

Man sat with head in his hands dealing with anxiety.
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An Immediate Guide To Dealing With Anxiety As It Happens

Anxiety can be mentally and physically exhausting. It can hit anywhere, any time, and leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to do anything.  But as hopeless as it might feel in that moment, it’s important to understand there are steps you can take to reduce your anxiety. We’ve put together a guide to dealing with …