Perfectly balanced stones representing emotional stability during lockdown 2
Health & Wellness

How To Improve Your Emotional Stability During Lockdown 2

It’s happened. We’ve arrived at the start of Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo, with many people feeling nervous and uncertain about the times ahead.  Even though the pandemic remains a major world health crisis, it’s important to factor in the impact lockdowns are having on your mental health, as well as find logical solutions to mediate …


5 Things To Sort Out When You’re Thinking Of Moving Abroad

When you’re taking the leap and moving thousands of miles away, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the excitement.  But before you pack up and jump on a plane, there are some essential things you need to do first. Here we cover five of the most important things to sort out when …

Work & Money

How To Tell If That Car You’re Buying Is Actually Worth The Money

Buying a car is one of the most significant purchases someone can make in their lifetime. The car you choose will (hopefully) be a major part of your life for years to come. It’ll be there for holidays with your family, road trips with your friends, moving house, commuting to your dream job, and many …

Vision Boards Are A Great Resource For Aspiring Writers
Culture,Work & Money

Why Vision Boards Are A Great Resource For Aspiring Writers

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a vision board — also known as a dream board — is a collage of images, drawings, photos, cuttings, written notes and messages, which work as an affirmation of your dreams and desires. They’re designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation — to help you …

New homeowners giving their house a makeover on a budget
Home Decor & Design

How To Decorate Your New Home When You’re On A Budget

These days, purchasing a new house doesn’t leave you with a lot of change. So, when it comes to decorating you might find yourself sticking to a tight budget.  For many, this means doing things on the cheap. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing — some home improvements can be incredibly rewarding, even if …

A Ronald McDonald meets Joker from Batman graffiti

10 Villains From TV & Film That You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

You and I both know that you’re supposed to hate the villain, but there are times when you simply can’t help but fall for them — sometimes to the extent that you will them to defeat the hero. I’ve picked ten excellent villains from TV and film that all share one thing in common — …

Health & Wellness

7 Weird Things That Happen Before Your Period

Periods can be weird, no doubt about it. In fact, the female body can really trip you up during your ‘time of the month’. Hormones and the changes instigated by your menstrual cycle make your body behave in strange ways. (As if we didn’t have enough to deal with when it comes to periods).  Want …

Work & Money

Why Now Is Totally The Right Time To Save For A House (And How)

You’ve probably thought about owning a house one day.  After all, there are plenty of excellent things to say about the prospect. You can proceed with your life feeling safe in the knowledge that you have something fundamental sorted out. You can wade into the satisfying waters of home renovation. You can play music at …

Sex & Relationships

How To Figure Out What You Really Want In A Partner

We all find ourselves longing for a relationship for different reasons.  One of the biggest reasons why people yearn for a relationship is that they simply want to feel loved. They’re unhappy in their personal lives, unhappy with themselves, and they need someone else to feel worthwhile. Of course, this is the worst reason to …