A pregnant woman standing at a kitchen counter preparing a healthy salad.
Health & Wellness

8 Foods You Should Definitely Avoid While Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are certain foods that you need to avoid and others that you need to limit your intake of or take more care with how they’re prepared. As everyone no doubt keeps telling you, you’re eating for two now (eyeroll). And obviously, what you’re putting into your body needs to provide nutrition for …

Employee successfully negotiating a new salary with their employer.
Work & Money

How To Negotiate Your Salary (And Job Perks) Like A Boss

Whether you’re a young professional looking to take the next step or an experienced hand ready to discuss a better deal, you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate your salary with an employer.  Time will come when you feel like you’re crushing your job and the pressures of your responsibilities aren’t fairly represented in your salary. …

The train interior that’s familiar to commuters everywhere.
Work & Money

7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Daily Commute

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head and radically changed daily life, it gave bloggers and content marketers a new prize topic in the form of remote working. There’s a lot to cover, certainly: everything from dealing with solitude to communicating effectively online. But all this talk from media figures can give the false impression that …

Woman sat on a bed using a laptop after returning to work after postnatal depression.
Health & Wellness

Returning To Work After Postnatal Depression: Tips On Coping & Self-Care

Postnatal depression is very common, affecting over more than 1 in 10 women within a year of giving birth (as well as partners). Most women will experience some sort of mental health issues before or after giving birth — the important thing is to get the help and support you need to recover.  If you’re …

Home Decor & Design

How To Recreate 2021’s Home Decor Trends On A Budget

From Cottagecore florals to bold statement colours, there are some great interior trends this year. But keeping up to date with them and overhauling your entire home can cost a small fortune.  If you’re looking to revamp your home, we’ve put together some budget-friendly ways you can recreate the best of 2021’s home decor trends.  …

Woman lifting up two weights to exercise during pregnancy.
Health & Wellness

Exercising During Pregnancy: What Can You Still Do While Pregnant?

Staying fit and healthy throughout pregnancy can help your body adapt as it changes shapes and your baby grows. But is it safe to do all the same workouts and activities that you’d normally do?  In this article, we take a look at what exercises are safe to do during pregnancy and what precautions you …

A rented apartment loft transformed by houseplants
Home Decor & Design

Our Top Tips For Transforming Your Home When You’re Renting

It’s hard to feel at home in a rented property.  On average, renters in the UK spend 20 months in a property. The average cost of renter property and typical lifestyle of a private renter means they spend a lot of time moving around. That’s hardly enough time to really make a place feel like …

Young professional preparing to ace their next job interview
Work & Money

6 Strategies to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Our latest guest article is by ICS Learn — a leading UK-based learning provider.  The fact that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic means that job interviews have naturally gone digital. As a result, the strategies that we were previously accustomed to using, pre-corona, will need to adapt too. Here are six of …

a group of friends having fun while living frugally
Work & Money

Why Living Frugally Doesn’t Mean Having A Dull Existence

When many people hear the words ‘frugal living’, they instantly associate it with being boring, unable to do anything, and staying at home not spending any money.   But this isn’t necessarily the case — living frugally does mean being careful with your money and not making every impulse purchase you get tempted by, but you …